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Testimonials Puzzle
“My daughter started Math and More Studio when she was five, in one of the first group of students at the Studio. Over the years Math became her favorite subject, and despite a very busy schedule with school and other after school activities, she loves math too much to agree to drop it.. I attribute her passion for Math primarily to the hard work and an amazing Math teaching concept developed by the staff at Math and More Studio. Yes, there are many pages of math homework to work on every week. It is difficult to find the time to work through them all, but my daughter’s test results speak for themselves: she was placed in the 97% percentile rank in the Math Achievement section of the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) and always gets a nearly perfect score in the Math Section of MCAS. For my daughter, there is simply no better school to learn math than Math and More Studio.”

“Never knew a kid could be so excited about doing homework… Anna keeps classes and homework enjoyable. No doubt my daughter’s math skills are solid since she’s been going to Anna.”

“We have been very impressed by the curriculum, the level of instruction, and the amount of fun our daughter Elizabeth has in your classes. She’s not just learning math, she’s learning problem solving, logic, critical reasoning, and sound study habitsŸskills that will serve her well throughout her life. We are thrilled that we’ve found your program after having enrolled in other programs in Lexington and intend on signing our other 2 children up as well when they are old enough.”

“I strongly recommend Math & More Studio to every family looking to give their children an excellent foundation and future in mathematics. Anna’s teaching and the Russian methodology have given my children an incredible foundation for learning that will help them in the present and future. Beyond the way we teach our children in our local schools, Anna and Russian math equip the child to fundamentally approach each challenge with depth of knowledge and understanding to help them succeed. She really gets the kids thinking! Often times you’ll see them doing “mental math” – no need for pencils or wrote memorization, they are the calculators!! I have been very pleased with my children’s progress under Anna’s tutelage for almost 3 years now and we look forward to continuing with her and the Math Studio for many more.”

“My 8 yer old daughter has been attending the Math & More Studio in Lexington for 1 year. I am very grateful to have taken a friend’s recommendation and tried it. I have seen a great change in my daughter’s confidence towards Math as well as gains in her computation + problem solving. My daughter enjoys coming weekly, working in small groups and getting more of a teacher’s attention, as compared to school. I think the Math & More Studio offers a wonderful program, with skilled teachers that help students move forward from whatever they are at. They offer in my opinionthe right mix of paper + pencil work and ” hands on” activities.”

“Also, in this world where boys have many more models in the Math sciences, is great to see a woman as Math teacher and being role model for young girls.”

“Well matched classes according to individual ability. My daughter looks forward to seeing her math teacher Lena & learning stickers to obtain a prize. She enjoys solving puzzles, games and word problems. The fact that math at school is extremely simple now, it would be important later on to have these lessons right along with the school math program. Lena has great skills & a lot of patience for dealing with young kids. She is an enthusiastic & energetic teacher. Kids enjoy that very much.”